Electric Vehicle Chargers

Personal Chargers

We supply and install home charging units for electric vehicles at residential locations. Customers have the choice of adding solar at the time of installation or after, in order to keep driving green.

Once the customer makes an order with us, we will inspect the site and suggest where the best point to locate the charger is. We will then quote a price based on the length of the cables needed and any complications that may arise. If you do not have a trusted electrician to install your charger, we can take care of that too. Warranty is 12 months.

Commercial Chargers

Businesses or offices may want to install chargers in their carparks for their visitors and staff. This boosts not only the green image of the company, but also shows support for those taking the green initiative.

Once an order is made for one or multiple chargers to be installed, we will survey the site and discuss where the ideal positioning is and what the costs involved are. We take care to keep the area tidy, and can easily run cables through, for example, flowerbeds so they do not interfere with everyday life.

To discuss pricing and positioning options, contact us and we will inspect the site to give you the best deal we can. Additionally, you can opt to paint the parking space green so that your customers appreciate their reserved spaces and your committment to the environment. Warranty is 12 months.

Rapid Charger

pictures courtesy MegaPower Limited.

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