Electric Vehicles Prices Landed in Trinidad and Tobago and FAQ

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Nissan Leaf Standard- $295,845 TTD, Mid range - $300,810 TTD, Long range -$354,358 TTD

Average range of cars -239 Miles

Nissan Ariya Standard - $380,243 TTD, Mid Range - $500,416 TTD, Long Range - $513,704 TTD

Average Range - 223 miles to 310 miles

Tesla Model 3 Standard- $360,000 TTD

Average Range - 315 - 358 Miles

Tesla Model Premium X - $922,500 TTD

Average Range - 351 miles

Tesla Model Y - $420,000 TTD

Average Range - 303- 330 Miles

Mazda MX 30 - $321,836 TTD

Average Range - 100 miles

Honda E - $321,836 TTD

Average Range - 137 miles

Subaru Soltera - $354,358 TTD (available from July 2022)

Average Range - 220 Miles

Audi E tron Standard - $420,066 TTD, Mid range - $461,881 TTD, Long Range - $479,801 TTD

Average Range -222 - 373 Miles

Audi E Tron SUV - $643,075 TTD

Average Range - 222 miles

Lexus UX 300 e c - $407,456 TTD

Average Range - 196 Miles

Lexus UX 300 e L - $443,960 TTD

Average Range - 196 miles

Mercedes EQC SUV - $659,668 TTD

Average Range - 255 miles

Audi e-Tron Quattro - $895,000 TTD

Average Range - 180 miles

Audi e-Tron RS - $605,000 TTD

Average Range - 180 Miles

Porshe Taycan - $930,000 TTD

Average Range - 225 Miles

BMW i3 -$394,181 TTD

Average Range - 153 Miles

BMW i3 SUV - $594,624

Average Range - 153 miles

BMW IX SUV - $690,863 TTD

Average Range - 300 miles

Toyota BZ4K - $420,000 TTD

Average Range - 254-285 miles

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Electric vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago.

Question: Are these final price estimates for new cars and do you also sell used cars?

Answer: Yes, prices are a rough guide and are subject to change due to exchange rate changes and shipping cost changes, and yes we also sell used vehicles and they are available immediately.

Question: Are there any taxes to be added to this price?

Answer: No, As of Jan 1st 2022 all-electric vehicles are tax-free.

Question: What is the Procedure to Purchase an Electric vehicle from Smart Energy Limited?

Answer: Send your specs for your car you want (you can get the specs of the respective websites for the car...you can screenshot us the specs), we send you a quote, then send down payment for order the car, when the car is delivered pay the rest of the price.

Questions: What is the lead time for delivery of the cars to Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer: 3 - 6 months

Question: What's the warranty on these cars?

Answer: For the Japanese vehicles and European cars it is 3 yrs or 100000km whichever comes first.For Teslas its 4 years or 50,000 miles: https://www.ttsmartenergy.com/single-post/2019/02/23/maintenance-for-electric-cars-in-trinidad-and-tobago

Question: is there servicing for the cars?

Answer: We have developed a good relationship with the Tesla rangers based in Miami and Puerto Rico. They now cover the Caribbean and have been to Trinidad to service the vehicles. We are also developing our own local service professionals by developing a relationship with cleantech energy institutions out of America that facilitate the training of local talent.

Question: Do you have a relationship with financial institutions to offer financing for the cars?

Answer: Yes we do. We have a joint venture with established dealers that are recognized by the banks and financial organizations that specialize in financing electric cars.

Question: Is Smart Energy a Dealership for Tesla, Nissan and the other cars on the list?

Answer: No we are a facilitator. We can help customers import the vehicle, license it, finance it and perhaps source the FX, get insurance as well as link you up with servicing.

Question: What is the down payment required to order a car?

Answer: 300 USD 100% refundable and the payment goes towards the cost of the car.

Question: Does Trinidad and Tobago need an electric charging port network in order to make owning an electric car viable?

Answer: No network is needed as the range of the car is more than enough to facilitate driving distances in a day. All that is needed is a charging port in your home that can charge your car fully overnight. However, a charging network is coming to Trinidad and Tobago.

Question: Do the cars come with a charging port?

Answer: yes,they all come with level 1 chargers that plug into 110 Voltage supply. The chargers for the Teslas can also work in reverse and use the battery bank from the car to power your house in case of a power outage from the utility TTec - here is a picture https://www.ttsmartenergy.com/single-post/2019/03/11/electric-vehicle-chargers

Question: Will getting an electric car cause your electricity bill to skyrocket?

Answer: Not at all. Actually, you will hardly notice any change to your electricity bill. Electricity costs 36 cents TT per kWhr. one charge of fully charging an electric vehicle may cost around 20 ttd

Question: How do I order exact specifications and features for my car?

Answer: You can go to the website of the respective car and look for where you can design the features of the car and send us the pdf file of the design. For example for a model 3 Tesla, the link is https://www.tesla.com/model3/design#overview

Question: What is cost-benefit Analysis of a Tesla Model 3 electric car compared to gasoline cars?

Answer: A gasoline car has 20,000 moving parts while an electric tesla has only 20 moving parts. So the maintenance is much less. This link has a cost comparison between Model 3 and a Toyota Camry and a BMW 3 series - https://cleantechnica.com/2018/12/15/could-the-tesla-model-3-cut-your-costs-by-a-third/

Question: Should i charge my car overnight every nite to keep my car fully charged like a cell phone battery?

Answer: Definitely not, doing this will shorten the life of your battery. EV car batteries are designed to be discharged to about 20 % discharge and then charged back up again. So leave your car uncharged for about a week and then charge it overnight back to full.

Questions: Does stop-and-go traffic reduce the range of the car?

Answer: No, the regenerative braking in electric cars actually recharges back the car.

Question: Will there be any more Government incentives for Electric vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer: Yes there are more incentives coming such as priority parking for Evs, Discount on ferry rides for evs and access to Priority Bus Route for evs.

Question: Will you only be supplying cars for Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer: No, we plan on supplying cars to the wider Caribbean and Latin America. Soon our website will be translated into Spanish.

Question Since the cars are imported out of Japan are the cars in English and also what side of the road?

Answer: Yes the cars are in English and are RHD.

Question: Do you have a choice in colours?

Answer: Yes five colours for the Teslas.

Question: Can I get a test drive of an electric car?

Answer: Yes you can get a test drive of Tesla model s, just call Smart Energy to arrange a time and place for a test drive.

Question: Does the map feature work in Trinidad and Tobago in the Tesla?

Answer: yes it does and so does the autodrive feature.

Question: Do electric cars depreciate faster than internal combustion engine cars?

Answer: Well it is possible soon, ICE cars will have no resale value when countries start phasing them out completely.

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