EV Prices Landed in Trinidad

Nissan Leaf - 39,000 USD Landed

Nissan Ariya - 51,000 USD Landed

Tesla Model 3 - 48,000 USD Landed

Tesla Model X - 124,000 USD Landed

Tesla Model Y - 56,000 USD Landed


Question: Can the cars be paid in TTD?

Answer: Yes.

Question: is there servicing for the cars?

Answer: We have developed a good relationship with the Tesla rangers based in Miami and PR. They now cover the Caribbean and have been to Trinidad to service the vehicles. We are also developing our own local service professionals.

Question: Do you have a relationship with financial institutions to offer financing for the cars?

Answer: Yes we do.

Question: Is there a warranty for electric cars?

Answer: Yes there is.

Question: Is Smart Energy a Dealership for Tesla and Nissan?

Answer: No we are a facilitator. We can help customers import the vehicle, finance it and perhaps source the FX.

Question: What is the down payment required to order a car?

Answer: 15% Down payment and the remainder is due on delivery.

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