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Smart Energy Limited is proud to partner with the Charge Master Plc group. Chargemaster Plc is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and operator of electric vehicle charging points. We provide EV charging units for home, business and public sector, working with EV owners, car manufacturers, supermarkets, councils, and other businesses.

Working with the Charge Master Plc group, Smart Energy will be able to provide a charging experience that suits and blends with the unique enironment that is the caribbean.


A Charge Master Solar car port:

- Shelters your EV while generating, inverting then delivering clean, renewable AC electricity to your electrical grid connection

- Is an inexpensive and attractive money-making addition for many commercial and municipal locations
- Offers robust management options with USST Renewable EV Charging Station
- Is easy to set and maintain custom pricing for end-users
- Can capture transactions point of sale via PayPal, credit card, QR Code, RFID card or mobile app
- Is highly dependable and will be designed to deal with a Caribbean climate in mind.

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