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Electric Cars in Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean FAQ

270,000ttd landed

Tesla Model X 750,000 TTD

Tesla Model S: 750,000 TTD
250,000 TTD

Q: You guys have brought in the first TESLA Electric Vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago.....How can I charge them?

A: The Tesla Model S 75 kWh Battery has a range of 416 Km. This far exceeds the average daily driving range for the typical Trinidadian. To charge the Model S, all you need is an EV charging station at home that can be installed by Smart Energy Ltd.

Q: On what Voltage can you connect the charging station?

A: The typical home installation would use 220V on a 40Amp breaker. This setup can fully charge the Model S in about 8 hours.

Q: Will you be installing charging stations in public spaces?

A: Yes, our goal is to encourage the adoption of emission free transportation. This would be aided by establishing fast charging stations in key destinations that would support lower range EVs such as the Nissan Leaf.

Q: What is the cost to install a charging station at home?

A: The cost is 10,000 TTD Including the cost of the charging station.

Q: What about servicing the cars, where can this be done?

A: We work with Tesla and bring down a Service technician periodically, who works with a local garage to service the cars.

Q: What about Warranty?

A: Tesla has warranty coverage for the entire Caribbean for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. The Battery and Drive Unit in your car are covered for a period of: here is warranty info -

Q: How fast are these Tesla Vehicles?

A: The Tesla Model S P100D can go from Zero to 100km in 2.7 seconds.

Q: How long the batteries last?

A: Tesla provides 8 year unlimited kilometer warranty on the batteries. It is expected that the Model S could travel over 200,000KM without any material battery degredation.

Q: What is the power of the motor?

A: This would depend on the configuration of the Tesla. Assuming the Tesla Model S 60kWh base model then a 362 hp (270 kW) and 325 ft·lb (440 N·m) motor.

Q: What is maintenance like?

A: As the vehicle doesn’t have an engine or conventional transmission, the service requirements are much less. Tesla Motors suggests rotating tires every 8,000 km and performing an annual wheel alignment; Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years (40K km); Battery coolant every 4 years (80K km); Transmission fluid every 12 years (240K km). Details of Maintenance is in this link -

Q: How much for yearly service?

A: it cost 1000 ttd for yearly service.

Q: How much for Electric cars (Brand New)?

A: Price depends upon specifications and where we source the car from. This is constantly evolving.

Q: How much for electric cars Used?

A: The model s used can be around 450,000 TTD Landed

Q: What is the waiting Period for ordering an electric car?

A: The Model s and X is about 3 months, The Model 3 will be available toward the end of the year 2019 in right hand drive, however we can get you a left hand drive model 3 in 3 months depending on the waiting list.

Q: What is the down payment to order the car?

A: The Down payment to Order the Teslas are 300 USD to put your name of the list.

Q: How do i order a Tesla?

A: First you have to use the Tesla design tool on the Tesla website , select all the options you want, once completed ...print pdf and send us your design to and then follow up with a 1000 Pound check for initiate the order. This amount will come off the total cost of the car.

Q: Are there any cars geared for the Taxi Service market?

A: Yes the Serena Nissan which is an 8 seater hybrid electric car for 100,000 TTD

Q: Are there any taxes on electric cars?

A: All taxes have been removed on EVs. that are below a certain power level. Regarding the EV taxes, we have confirmation of the following:- Over 159 kW there is VAT to be paid. Below 159kW, there is no VAT and no MVT. Between 159-179 kW, there is full VAT and MVT @ $10/kW due to Customs. Above 179kW, it’s pretty much the full hit with respect to MVT, Duty and VAT.

Q: How much to charge your car from Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC)?

A: TTEC charges $0.37/kWh. A full battery charge for the base model Tesla would cost $22.20 for 405km of range. This is about $0.05 per kilometer.

Q: What about financing and insurance?

A: Financing and Insurance can be arrange through our partner institutions.

Q: What cars can we order from Smart Energy Limited?

A: We can bring in any electric or hybrid electric vehicle you want.

Q: What about getting the car Licensed in Trinidad and Tobago?

A: Smart Energy Limited will get the car licensed for you

Q: Is the 1000 pounds payment for putting your name included in the financing.

A: This payment is not included in the financing and also it is refundable. This payment is to show that you are serious about purchasing the car and to secure your order.

Q: What is cost benefit Analysis of a Tesla Model 3 electric car compared to gasoline cars?

A: A gasoline car has 20,000 moving parts while a electric tesla has only 20 moving parts. So the maintenance is much less. This link has a cost comparison between Model 3 and a Toyota Camry and a BMW 3 series -

Q: How can we contact Smart Energy?

A: contact @ whatsapp1-868-316-6200 and we will organize a test drive.

Q: Do you guys ship to other Caribbean Islands

A: Yes we do

Smart Energy Limited -

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