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The Smart Station is a solar-powered charging point which allows multiple people to charge their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.



Features Include:


Wi-Fi hot spot capability
iPhones and Android adaptors
4 USB sockets
Dusk-‘till-dawn lighting for evening use
A 280 Watt Solar panel, which doubles as a shade and rain canopy
A tabletop designed to easily accommodate resting devices, food and beverages


     Smart Values

The Smart Station is a sensible symbol for corporate social values at limited effort and expense. The Smart Station communicates to your consumers that you:


•  Support clean and renewable energy sources
•  Are innovative and forward-thinking
•  Support local industries


   and Save

By purchasing a locally-produced Smart Station, you would not only be eligible for corporate social responsibility benefits, but you’d also be making the most cost-conscious decision.

The Smart Station:

Reduces costs when compared to foreign production and international shipping and handling rates and provides cost-effective and continuous local services and maintenance

Where can these

     Smart Stations

            be used?

The Smart Stations can literally be used to accommodate patrons and or clients at any place or event that observes a high traffic volume of people.

Examples could be the Malls, the Airport, other major transport hubs, maybe panyards or national lottery booths and other such areas.

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