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3. RenewKit

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1. SolaBox - Solar Micro lighting and Mobile Devices Charger
This micro solar device is a affordable off grid power supply for remote locations or outdoor locations away from utility power supply such as the beach. The Solabox comprises of solar panel, battery pack, super functional LCD screen, USB LED lamp, LED lamp with 3m Cable, seven cellphone and mobile devices charging adapter tips.


2. Solar Water Heater
Our solar water tanks are internally coated with glass enamel or resilient epoxy coating in accordance with customer’s preference. These protective coatings together with the magnesium anode, which provides the cathodic protection, guarantee clean water and long lasting resistance to corrosion.The 40mm thick polyurethane insulation layer ensures long lasting retention of water heat, the polyurethane used does not utilize CFC as blowing agent and is halogen free. 


3. RenewKit - Renewable Energy Educational Kit
The Renewable Energy Science Education Set is a modular experiment set designed to demonstrate the workings of a complete clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. With this kit, an entire miniature renewable energy system can be constructed on a lab-scale. Users will learn the system step by step and can configure the system in different ways, plus be able to visualize the workings of clean energy principles from start to finish. Training for teachers to use the kits can be provided as well. .