What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy was once the energy of the future but now it is the energy of today.

Solar energy is energy that can be captured from the solar rays for heating purposes or for generation of electricity directly.

Solar hot water is an example of solar energy that is captured for heating while photovoltaics is an example of solar energy captured for generating electricity.

All Energy on the planet is a form of direct or indirect solar energy. Tidal and wind for example are indirect forms of solar as the sun causes the tidal change which results in waves and also the sun causes the temperature difference which results in wind.

Solar Energy is an infinite source of energy as opposed to oil and gas which are finite sources of energy.

As long as the sun is shining there will be solar energy. Once the technology is put in place to collect and store solar energy then the energy source is free.

Over time this free energy will payoff the cost of purchasing the equipment to harness it because you will not be constantly be paying the utility company for the energy that they get from harnessing oil and gas.

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not cause harm to the environment. No carbon emissions are given off in its use of it. Oil and gas gives off a lot of carbon emissions and also oil spills can happen it exploration o it.

There is enough solar energy hitting the earth in one day to provide enough energy for the planet for a year. Very little of this energy is being harnessed today but some country are very progressive and have made big leaps in it use like Germany. More countries in the developing world are making the switch starting in the rural areas.

So it is up to us to save the planet and choose the energy we want which will benefit our environment and our children. Let go forward with solar energy.