About Smart Energy
Established in 2003, Smart Energy Limited (SEL) seeks to be the most innovative company in renewable energy and efficiency in the Caribbean. SEL is a member of the T&T Green Building Council, the governing authority on LEED buildings in the country.

The Smart Energy team comprises professionals with regional and international experience in energy audits and renewable energy- led by CEO, Ian Smart, who is an experienced energy engineer with a Masters in Photovoltaics who currently is the secretary at the European Chamber of Commerce here in Trinidad. SEL has established working relationships with foreign suppliers and consultants (One World Engineering, Carbonsync, LED Roadway Lighting) with strong technical knowledge in renewable energy and energy efficiency to ensure any project will be properly and thoroughly executed.

The Problems
The fossil fuel energy industry is destroying our environment with sea, land and air pollution. The Carbon dioxide levels emitted as a result of burning coal, oil and natural gas is warming our climate and creating erratic and severe weather patterns, which is harmful to all life on our planet. Read more

The Proposed Solution
Cut out the polluting energy middlemen and gain energy Autonomy by going direct to a clean energy source that has low carbon emissions – Solar Power.
Use of energy efficiency techniques to reduce our energy demand. Read more

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Vision: Empowerment through the green energy revolution.

Mission: To be come the most innovative renewable energy company in the Caribbean.